Aussie Pokies

Australia's first legal casino, the Wrest Point Hotel Casino, opened in Tasmania in 1973. This was the first large casino venue in Australia, though previously, for many years, pubs and betting parlours had been offering gambling entertainment for Australians who were looking for the kind of relaxing atmosphere and engaging challenges that gambling offers.

The casino industry grew in Australia through the latter quarter of the 20th century. From that first Tasmanian casino, casino entertainment spread to New South Wales and then northward to Queensland. Casino enthusiasts enjoyed the vibrant gaming venues which were set amidst the stunning Australian scenery.

Beginning in the 1990s, Australians began to move to Aussie pokies online sites where they could play Aussie slots in a more comfortable and convenient atmosphere. The pokies online option provides Australian pokies aficionados with a comfortable option for playing Aussie Pokies at any time and from any location. The Australian online casino gives gamers the option to play Aussie Pokies from the comfort of their own home, while traveling or even on their mobile screens.

Advantages of Online Pokies

Australian pokies players have found several advantages to playing pokies online. For one thing, there's no obligation to travel to the casino in order to enjoy your favourite games. There are no costs involved in gambling online – you sign up for a free casino membership, find your game and play free Aussie pokies in the Free Mode or for real money prizes in the Real Mode.

Also, by eliminating the necessity for travel, pokies players don't lose time when they gamble online. Whenever you have a few minutes you can enter your casino account on your laptop, desktop or mobile device and play any of your preferred casino games at your leisure.

Finally, it's actually more rewarding to play online. Online casinos don't have to pay for the type of fixed costs – building expenses, staffing costs, etc.) – which brick-and-mortar casinos must contend with. This means that the online casinos can pass their savings on to their gamers in the form of higher payouts, better bonuses and more generous promotions. Aussie pokies players enjoy a more rewarding casino experience when they play online.

Pokies Options

The Australian casino presents hundreds of pokies options including three-reel classic Aussie Pokies for new players and five-reel video pokies for gamers who are looking for a more interactive, high-action casino event.    These pokies involve interactive elements that keep the action moving with features that include 243 Ways to Win, rolling reels, wild reels, scatter symbol payouts, exploding wilds, symbol stacks and more.

You can select a pokies that features a theme which relates to your personal interests or fantasies. You may enjoy whimsical themes, themes of intrigue or suspense, adventure and travel themes or any of the other types of storylines that bring a fantasy world to life. There are even pokies that are based on popular movies which allow you to carry the excitement of your favourite film onto your gambling screen.

For individuals who want to add to their casino entertainment, the casino features tournaments that allow players to compete against gamers from around the world in fun-filled pokies tournament action. The casino features two types of tournaments – Scheduled Tournaments which are played at pre-determined times and Sit and Go Tournaments which take place whenever a pre-determined number of players gathers to play.  

Another pokies feature involves progressive jackpots. Progressive jackpots provide the opportunity to add to the suspense of a pokies game by adding a small additional deposit to join the progressive jackpot. As other players from around the world also join the progressive jackpot, the jackpot prize grows to tens – sometimes hundreds – of thousands of dollars, and even more. When one player's spin results in the jackpot trigger, he wins the entire accumulated jackpot prize.

Casino Bonuses

The casino offers lucrative bonuses that allow you to play more of your pokies for more time for free. New players collect a Welcome Bonus when they play their first real money games. This Welcome Bonus awards match bonus gaming credits on the first pokies deposits during the first week of casino activity.

One of the best Welcome Bonuses we've found is All Slots Casino - online AND mobile. You'll be eligible for a fun $1630 in the casino's bonus money all in your first week at the casino. Here's how it works:

  • Upon completing their quick and simple registration form, your account will be credited with $5 free for you to go into the casino and have a good look around.
  • Like what you see? Make a deposit, and you'll be credited with $10 free AND they'll match your deposit 100% up to $250.
  • Your second deposit will also be matched 100% up to $250 with another $15 free put into your account.
  • Your third deposit will get you a 50% bonus up to $500.
  • And your fourth deposit will get you another 50% bonus, this time up to $600.

That's $1630 worth of playing on the casino's money - all in your first week.

For veteran players the casino has created a Loyalty Points ladder in which players can look forward to earning bigger and better prizes as they play more games. As the player ascends the tier ladder he can look forward to great prizes such as cashback deals, luxury gifts, match points, higher deposit and withdrawal limits, vacation packages and more. High rollers may be invited into the casino's VIP room where they can compete alongside other big-bankroll gamers.

There are additional pokies bonuses as well – monthly draws, new game promotions and special bonuses paid out for games played at a specific time of the day, day of the week or season of the year.

What are "Pokies"

Throughout the world, games with spinning reels and symbols are called "slots" or "slot machines." How did the game become the "pokies" in Australia?

According to Aussie casino consultants, early betting venues featured poker games which Australians began to refer to as "pokies." When slot machines became popular at these sites, the players continued to call those games "the pokies" as well. The term has stuck and today, the pokies are a highlight of Australian land-based and online casinos.