Avalon is here with 243 different ways to win!

Do you like the feeling of royalty? Enjoy playing a game that really "has it all"? Looking for something unique and really fun? Well, Avalon is surely what you have been looking for. Avalon Aussie pokies is a great game that combines all the best gambling features with the most incredible gaming experiences any player that looks after a good pokies online game will want. All the way from best rewards such as WILD, Scatter, FREE SPINS and multipliers, through betting options such as betting different lines and spinning the reels automatically to a great experience that consist some really good music and wonderful cartoons… Avalon is surely the right game for you!

So don’t stay behind, and surely don't let yourself hesitate because when a good opportunity is standing in front of you, you surely want to seize it. Join now and play Avalon – you will love it.


First of all, before even getting to the FREE SPINS, there is something else you need to know…


Scatter is virtually your ticket to the FREE SPINS wild ride. Scatter is a great symbol, which looks like a white angel. This symbol is capable of supplying you FREE SPINS, if three, four or five identical symbols of its kind appear on your reels. In addition to that, Scatter has another benefit: it can immediately reward you with credits before the FREE SPINS even begin. How? Well, it's quite easy. Two adjacent Scatter symbols are all that you need in order to add 2 credits to your payline. Three such symbols will benefit you with 4 credits. Three Scatters are worth a higher payout of 20 credits and, lastly, five Scatter symbols can make your payline's worth increase with 200 additional credits.


After the Scatter symbol has done its work, and benefited you with both nice payouts and a ticket to your wild ride, it is time for you to enjoy from your wonderful experience called FREE SPINS. The first thing to know about the FREE SPINS is that they are completely under your control: you get to click the button labeled "start free spins" whenever you are ready. The next thing you probably want to know is that the FREE SPINS is the most incredible experience existing in this game. Once you start, the whole atmosphere changes, the background music is not the same anymore, a totally different theme takes place on your screen each and every win is a great celebration! Once you win during the FREE SPINS, the relevant symbols get animated and a different music is played for you, in order to put a great smile on your face! After all, when you can win up to 12 FREE SPINS and 7X multiplier, who wouldn't be really cheered? At the end of your FREE SPINS, a sign will appear on the screen (stating congratulations!) and will let you know how much, exactly, you just won. 


And that's not all! Another WILD experience is just about to come! A white looking symbol called WILD can change dramatically the way you play the game. If you, like many other players, got used to the fact that a minimal number of identical symbols is required in order to give you some credits, you better get used to a much better reality! From this moment on, even two identical (and adjacent) symbols are all that you need, since WILD can replace the missing symbol. WILD is a unique symbol that can substitute all other symbols on the reels, and by doing so it helps creating a three, four and even five of a kind. The WILD works this way with each and every symbol that appears on the reels, excluding the Scatter, and this way even if you already have a four of a kind or a five of a kind, the WILD can also participate in the game and simply make the winning better.

Other than that, WILD has an additional benefit for you. Even without contributing to other symbols, WILD can produce some nice payouts on its own. Two adjacent WILD symbols will benefit you with 10 credits, three WILDs are worth 150 credits, four WILDs can give you 1,000 credits, and last but not least we have five WILDs that once they appear on the reels, can give you 3,000 credits. WILD or not WILD?


Then it's time to take it one step forward! Now you can press the EXPERT button and a whole new world of possibilities will be immediately available for you.


Ever desired stretching in your chair, watching the screen, and letting the computer doing it all for you? Well, now you certainly can! Once you get to the EXPERT mode, you can press 5X, 10X or choose one of the multiple options existing for you on the AUTO PLAY button. This way, you will be able to start spins that will be played automatically for you and all you will be asked to do is watch. You can choose any number of spins you want, including 100, 250 and 500 auto – spins. In addition to that, you can decide how the auto spins will end (when all the spins are complete or when a certain number of credits is gained?). One way or another, you should always remember the power is in your hands. The meaning is that even if you choose to spin 500 times, until they are all done, you can still switch modes by pressing the Stop button. Your game – Your rules!