Immortal Romance – Up to 364,500.00 In 243 Different Ways

Asking for years "where is the love", many people have been looking thoroughly after a worthy game that would combine all the experiences they truly want. If you are like these people, who believe romance is one of the most important things in life, than Immortal Romance is the right game for you. Containing the most romantic music ever, best cartoons and 243 different ways to win, Immortal Romance gives you the true sense of love. With four different FREE SPINS choices for you, great betting options and auto spins, this online pokies lets you enjoy not only a great game, but also the most unique and wonderful gambling features that exists online! So join us now, spin the reels and find out where the love really is!

Alright! What is my First Benefit?

This Aussie pokies online can benefit you with incredible rewards you will most probably not find anywhere else. The first thing you want to know is what differentiates this game from others, and the true reasons for you to keep on playing it all day and all night.


Scatter, have you heard about that? The Scatter symbol is the one that rewards you with free spins and virtually lets you play free pokies online. So, how does it work? With 3, 4 and even 5 Scatter symbols (the symbol that looks like a lion) on your reels, the FREE SPINS feature is rewarded to you and then all the real fun begins.

The unusual part of this Aussie pokies online game is that the whole FREE SPINS experience is surely like no other. First of all, the FREE SPINS are under your control: you are the one to choose when they will start by pressing "Start Free Spins" button. Secondly, once you press this button, one of four modes will start playing (in other words, you get into the CHAMBER OF SPINS).

The first mode is called AMBER. AMBER will benefit you with 10 FREE SPINS, in which all of your winnings will be multiplied by 5X. The FREE SPINS can be retriggered during this mode.

The second mode is called TROY, and TROY is capable of benefiting you with 15 FREE SPINS. In addition to that, a VAMPIRE BATS FEATURE is on, and this feature can randomly turn symbols into 2X or 3X multipliers. All in all, up to 6X multipliers can be awarded during the TROY mode.

Your third option is called MICHAEL and here there are no less than 20 FREE SPINS. The additional benefit included is called ROLLING REELS and the meaning is that your consecutive wins will increase the multiplier up to 5X.

Last but not least, you get to enjoy from SARAH. SARAH can give you 25 FREE SPINS with the amazing WILD VINE FEATURE. When the WILD VINE symbol appears on reel number 3, it can randomly transform symbols into additional substitutes.

Incredible! Are there any additional benefits over here?

Of course there are! Have you ever heard about WILD? If not, your WILD experience is just about to start. In former games, you (maybe) got used to receiving at least 3, 4 or 5 identical symbols in order to get some credits in your game. Well, not anymore! With the wonderful pokies bonuses on Immortal Romance pokies you can expect a totally different experience! From now on, even if you have only two identical symbols on the reels, it surely doesn't mean your credits are doomed. The WILD is unique since it can serve as a joker and virtually replace any other symbol on the reels (excluding Scatter, which is too unique to be substituted by any other symbol). Be doing that WILD can create a "three of a kind" when it simply appears next to two other identical symbols, and poof – the credits are yours. Similarly, if three of a kind already appears on your reels and you are lucky enough to have an additional WILD nearby, then a four of a kind will be created and you will enjoy more. Same applies to already "achieved" four of a kind, that with the kind help of a WILD will become five of a kind and your whole gambling experience will surely never be the same anymore.

How Else Can I Master the Game?

As you probably already understand, at the best online pokies games you get to control the way things are being done, and Immortal Romance is no different in that matter.

Be an Expert – AUTOSPIN

If you feel like an expert, you can play like an expert. Simply press the EXPERT button at the lower part of the screen and different buttons will immediately become available to you. The AUTO PLAY will be one of them. Now you can decide how you want the reels to spin, and one of the options that is standing in front of you is to let the computer do all the hard work alone. By pressing 10X you trigger 10 spins that will be played automatically one after the other, and by pressing 25X you do just the same, but for 25 times. If you want to be more in control, you can press the AUTOPLAY button and choose exactly how many spins you want to play (you can choose one of the following: 5, 10, 15, 25, 100, 250, 500 or simply write on your own the number of spins you desire). In addition to that, you can decide how the auto – spins feature will finish its work (when all spins are complete? When you win a certain number of credits?).  And remember, the control is always yours – you can press Stop at any point. After all – you are the master over here.