Twisted Circus Pokies Game

There are only a few games that can entertain you on all levels, from the background graphics and music to the options the game itself offers. When you find a game like that, it’s really hard to let go. Twisted Circus online pokies is an absolute gem; you get to play a great game while feeling like you are in an actual circus. The mysterious background music, the surprising graphics and even the symbols bring you into the amazing world of Twisted Circus.

Besides the great atmosphere of the game, there is also the big plus of a great opportunity to win some money. When you get this rare combination of fun and winning, you should prepare yourself for a long, unique adventure. You won’t be able to leave this game easily.

How does it work?

Twisted Circus is a 5 reel pokies game provided you by the one and only Microgaming. With 243 possible paylines, you have a great chance of winning. The game presents some curious characters instead of the usual card symbols. In this game you can find a few unusual but predictable symbols such as a bearded lady, Siamese twins, a snake charmer and the amazing ringmaster.

All these add immensely to the thrill of one of the best Aussie pokies games that you can find out there. It definitely makes the whole experience more authentic. But before you run off to find this game, prepare yourself for the mysterious and the unknown. In order to make the most of it, there are a few details you should know about.

I want to win!

In order to make some cash on a game like this, you need to know which symbols to look for. The wild symbol in this game is a pretty common one, the logo of the game itself. It substitutes for any other symbol except for the scatter and bonus symbols. As usual, the wins are awarded only if you made a combination of adjacent symbols from left to right. This rules does not apply for the scatter symbol, on this occasion the creepily-designed circus tickets.

The scatter symbol can appear anywhere on your payline and it doesn’t have to make a sequence in order to award you the prize. If you have more than 3 scatters, you get 13 free spins! On these spins all prizes are multiplied by 3, which is a treat to watch out for. Another important symbol is the ringmaster; this is the bonus symbol, allowing you to enter the realm of the unknown behind the scenes of the circus. You get to play an exciting bonus game, trying to match three symbols in order to get more coins. All of these make Twisted Circus one of the most exciting games online!

Last thoughts

Playing Twisted Circus is like riding a rollercoaster, it’s unpredictable and that is the game’s best quality – especially if you want to play real money pokies. Hitting the elusive bonus combination is not easy, as it has to appear on the reels 3, 4 and 5. But even though you can go on hundreds of spins without triggering the bonus game, you can just as easily have it thrown at you a couple of times on your first spins. The bonus level gets even more exciting at the promise of being paid out for all symbols in the game if you match three wild symbols. The thrill of not knowing what you’ll get makes Twisted Circus the perfect game for those who want to play pokies games for fun.