Aussie Pokies Tips to Win  

Pokies have been a popular casino feature in Australia ever since the first slot machines were introduced into betting parlours and pool halls almost 80 years ago. When Australia's first land-based casino opened in Tasmania in the 1970s the slot machines quickly became a casino highlight. Australian gamers enjoyed these early machines with their bright colours, dynamic animations and vibrant imagery and compelling audio tracks which combined with engaging themes to create genuine Las Vegas entertainment. Australian land-based gamers found that they were able to indulge their interests and imaginations while competing for real money prizes.

Today’s pokies have evolved significantly since the early “Money Honey” and "Big Bertha" machines of the early 20th century. Today, gamers can choose to play a 3-reel classic slot machine or a 5-reel video pokies. The wide range of themes and special elements create a high-energy casino event of fun and excitement. You can choose the kind of symbols that you want to appear on your machine as well as the type of characters with which you would like to interact. You can even select the kind of bonus elements you prefer for your pokies gaming entertainment.

One thing about pokies that hasn’t changed over the years is the goal of the game. From Big Bertha of the '30s  to the rolling reels and exploding symbols of today's five-reel video slots, the ultimate goal of pokies remains the objective of spinning the reels on the pokies and completing combinations in order to trigger real money wins. Whereas the older pokies featured levers, today's slots are activated with buttons, making it faster and easier than ever to achieve completed combinations.

Pokies imagery has evolved as well. Graphics and animations have moved from simple, colourful images of numbers, letters and fruit to rich, 3D illustrations that draw the gamer into the game and make him feel as though he's actually part of the action. However, regardless of the levels and special effects that you find in your pokies, the basic objective of the game remains playing to win.

Australian Online Slots

The Australian pokies casino wants you to win. The casino knows that every time that you earn payouts and bonuses, you'll be inspired to return for more online slots entertainment. In order to make your pokies event as satisfying as possible, the online casino provides tips on how to win on pokies  which will enable you to increase your wins and take better advantage of the casino promotions for the best possible online gaming experience.    

To play pokies to win:

1.  Consider choosing a pokies that features a progressive or fixed jackpot. In a progressive jackpot pokies players add a small additional side bet to their deposit as they play their regular game. The jackpot machines are linked so players from around the world join in competition on the same progressive jackpot. Each participant continues to play his game as usual, adding up his regular wins and bonus wins. When one player's spin hits the jackpot, he earns the entire jackpot prize. So, in effect, playing a progressive jackpots gives you an extra opportunity to win. Progressive jackpot prizes can reach tens – even hundreds – of thousands of dollars.  

     Casino advisors suggest choosing a machine with a small jackpot prize. It's harder to hit the jackpot if the prize is big, so you're better off playing a progressive pokies with a more modest jackpot.

     2.  Choose a 243 Ways to Win Pokies. 243 Ways to Win games are the newest type of pokies games. In a 243 Ways to Win game, all completed combinations that emerge are counted as real money wins. You don't need to enable pay ways, as you do when you enable paylines in a non-243 Ways to Win pokies, since completed combinations on a pay way count as a real money win with no activisation of pay ways required. With this system, you don't have to contend with the frustration that often accompanies regular pokies when a winning combination occurs on a non-activated payline and then doesn't result in a payout.

    In addition, in a 243 Ways to Win slots game, any three matching symbols on consecutive reels signal a win when the first  symbol appears on the left-most reel. It doesn’t matter whether the symbols emerge on the bottom, middle or top of the reel. Once again, you have more winning opportunities in a 243 Ways to Win game. Mathematicians note that such a system results in 243 Ways to Win on every spin. 

    3.  Take full advantage of the pokies' extra features.  Three-reel classic slots offer a slow-paced, simple pokies experience of basic spins-and-wins but if you feel ready for a more advanced, five-reel video pokies, you can find one with special features. These interactive elements include features such as scatter combinations, wild reels, rolling reels, stacked reels, exploding symbols and more which give you more opportunities to turn every spin into a win. 

    4.  Play high denomination pokies. When you play a high denomination pokies you have the opportunity to earn payouts at a higher percentage than those pokies that you play for a lower denomination. For example, dollar machines pay more than quarter machines, which pay more than nickel machines, which pay more than penny pokies.

    5.  Enable all paylines.  Payline pokies only pay out for winning combinations that occur on an enabled payline, so it's a good idea to enable as many paylines you can. If you achieve a combination on an unactivated payline, your loss will be significant while,when you activate all or most of your paylines with a modest deposit, you'll enjoy more overall wins.

    6.  Choose a game with bonus rounds, gamble games and/or free spins. These “extra” rounds add significant payouts to your earnings so you have more playing time with no additional deposits. Take advantage of games that feature these types of bonus rounds.

    Play Online Pokies to Win

    Casino advisors suggest that, to play online pokies to win, you should practice your game for free in the casino Free Mode before you play for real money prizes in the Real Mode. Both modes are available 24/7 for all games.