Golden Princess Online Pokies

The Golden Princess online pokies has arrived in Australia, bringing Aztec warriors, glittering gold fortunes and real money wins. As you spin the reels of the Golden Princess pokies you'll be transported into a secretive world in which in which the gold of the fierce and enigmatic Aztecs is turned into real money casino payouts.

The Australian online casino invites you to realize your dreams and live out your fantasies as you bring home tribal riches in the five-reel, 250 coin, 25 payline Golden Princess slot machine challenge. Golden Princess features captivating symbols, free spins, a generous Gamble Game and lucrative payouts. Thrilling casino entertainment is all yours as you compete amidst vivid imagery, lifelike animations and dynamic graphics. These elements combine to illustrate the secrets of the mysterious Aztec civilization.  As you play, the slot machine's compelling sound track will bring ancient Aztec civilization to life, right on your PC screen.

The Aztecs

In the 13th and 14th centuries C.E. the Aztec tribe migrated south, settling in the area along the coast of Lake Tetzcoco in the area which now encompasses Mexico City. The Aztecs built themselves up into a dominant tribe whose empire stretched across Central America. Aztec warriors were known to be fierce and fearless.  The Aztecs worshiped the god of war Huitzilopochtli who also served as a symbol of the sun. The Aztecs believed that their warriors could use sunlight as a weapon to drive creatures of the darkness from the sky.  

As the Aztecs extend their empire they gathered treasures which were presented at the great pyramid at Tenochtitlan in celebration of their conquests. Archaeological excavations have uncovered remnants of the gold storehouses  which included gold wheels, Aztec featherwork, clothing, jewels, headdresses, animal skins and a huge helmet that was filled with gold dust.

Aztec rituals featured honored princesses. The Aztecs would present gifts to these lovely ladies as tokens of their subjects' esteem. Now you can join the celebrations when you play the Golden Princess Aussie pokies which is available on your desktop or laptop PC, or on any public computer terminal, at the Australian online casino.

Pokies Entertainment

Download the Golden Princess into your laptop or desktop PC or open the game on any Internet browser and prepare for the gambling experience of a lifetime where you can enjoy an adventure of fun, excitement and real money earnings. The slots has everything that you need for a high-quality, high-earnings, slot machine experience. As you spin the reels you'll form combinations with matching symbols and earn real money payouts on every combination that you form. Payouts are highlighted in the "win" box. If your spin doesn't result in a completed combination, the game ends and you can play again.

Golden Princess game symbols include images of stern Aztec warriors and elegant Aztec princesses alongside overflowing boxes of coins and jewels, black bears, spotted leopards and traditional slots symbols which include letters and numbers. Every spin is accompanied by ancient tribal melodies that bring the atmosphere of the powerful Aztec culture to life.

You'll achieve higher real money payouts by activating more of the 25 paylines – you can activate as many as you want, but only wins that occur on paylines that have been activated with a real money deposit will pay out cash prizes.

Special Symbols

The Golden Princess Logo is the wild symbol of this game. Wild symbols complete paylines by substituting for other symbols. A random double or triple multiplier will multiply the payout of any combination that is completed with the inclusion of a wild symbol.

The Treasure Chest is the scatter. Whenever three or more Treasure Chest symbols occur, scattered on the reels simultaneously, they trigger the Free Spins online bonus games.

Bonus Free Spins

Aussie online pokies Free Spins are activated whenever three or more scatter symbols emerge, scattered across the reels, during the regular game. When you trigger the Free Spins you receive up to thirty free spins -- the number of symbols that activated the bonus game indicates the number of awarded free spins. Each Treasure Chest signifies a random multiplier value so the multiplier that you earn when you choose your Treasure Chest is the multiplier for your free spin wins determines your payout. Multipliers can go as high as 10x on the Free Spin wins.

During the Free Spins game, Wild Symbol Stacks emerge whenever the Golden Princess Logo appears. When a Wild Symbol Stack appears, Wilds stack, one on top of the other. The Wild Symbol Stacks give you more opportunities to complete your paylines and achieve your wins. All paylines and free spin bets are the same as the bet and payline of the spin that triggered the bonus game.

Gamble Feature

The Gamble Feature of the Aussie online pokies real money game of Golden Princess activates whenever you achieve a win during the regular game. You can  play the Gamble Feature up to five times during the game or you can skip it and and proceed with your regular game. As soon as the Gamble feature is triggered you can click the "Gamble" button to signify that you want to play. When you click "Gamble" you receive a hidden card. You're invited to choose the card's color (black or red) – if you select the correct card color you'll double your existing payouts. You can also choose to pick the card's suit (hearts, diamonds, clubs or spades). If you choose to the card suit option you can quadruple your existing wins if you choose correctly.

Game Features

Golden Princess pokies gives you the opportunity to change your options and view your statistics. Click the "Options" or "Statistics" buttons to take advantage of these features. You can also take advantage of the AutoPlay feature which allows you to spin a pre-determined number of times in succession without clicking "Spin."

Regardless of whether you're a beginning gamer or a veteran player you can look forward to a high-quality casino adventure when you play Golden Princess online pokies at the Australian online casino.