Bridesmaids Online Pokies

Some people might think that this is a game all about bridesmaids and about getting ready for a wedding. But it actually has a very different take in the Aussie pokies world. The game is mirrored after the hit movie from 2011 and focuses entirely on the themes from that movie. So, what was the movie all about that the Aussie pokies no deposit bonus game now mirrors? Thirty or so year old Annie has been asked to be the Maid of Honor for her best friend’s wedding. The wedding turns into quite a battle of the bridesmaids as everyone wants to outdo the next one. There is a wedding dress shopping experience in the movie and many others. The cast included Kristin Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Melissa McCarthy and Rebel Wilson.

The Aussie Pokies Game

So, with this in mind, they created the Aussie pokies games that mirror the movie. It’s a five reel game that has all of the main characters from the movie. When you get to the Aussie pokies Bridesmaids Online Pokies, you really do feel like you’re still part of the movie. When you win on five of a kind, you get to see clips from the movie for that character. There are also original screenshots and sound clips from the film. These are certainly some of the fun reasons to play and to have a blast with the Bridesmaids Online Pokies game.

Bonus Fun

In addition to being very entertaining with the video clips and the energy of the game, the Bridesmaids Online Pokies has bonus fun. There are five bonus rounds spread throughout the game that can be unlocked by matching certain symbols. In one bonus round, the interactive engagement party bonus round, for instance, you help the bridesmaid through the engagement party scene from the movie.

The scene from the film is set in a Brazilian restaurant, and your job with the Aussie pokies no deposit bonus section is to select the right food for the bridesmaids and the bride. In the movie, they all got sick from the food so your job is to make sure that doesn’t happen. Your reward is based on seeing how many bridesmaids don’t get sick.

You can also earn cash rewards and bonuses with the wild symbols, the bonus multipliers, the cash rewards and more. This is one example of how the game really plays off of the movie and creates a charming way to have a blast as you play.

More Bonus Details

When you land three or more cupcake symbols you’ll get to the wheel bonus. With the friendship free spins you’ll have 10 free spins with wins that pay both left and right and right and left. The Flying High free spins offers 10 free spins with Rolling Reels and Growing Wilds. Now, with the Magic Moments bonus you’ll win cash prizes when you pick your favorite movie moments. The Bridesmaids logo symbol is also a stacked wild which gives you even more chances to have a blast.

Have fun with everything that the Bridesmaids Online Pokies has to offer to you today. You’ll love reliving the movie and having a blast now. The Aussie pokies game awaits the fun that you can have. Keep in mind that you can play in demo mode to get a feel for the game or in real money mode. You'll have a blast reliving the movie and playing this game today.