Play Lucky Koi Online Pokies Today

There is nothing like a fishing trip to relax and bond with the great outdoors, and it can be especially charming when it takes place in an exotic setting, like at a Japanese Koi pond. And that's exactly the theme of Lucky Koi Online Pokies, an Aussie pokies game that captures the serene allure of a fishing trip and adds the excitement of first rate pokies action. The combination is a delight visually and provides a highly satisfying playing experience as well.

With Lucky Koi online pokies, you get 5 reels and 25 pay lines of action, as well as an assortment of dazzling koi fish, known for their unique patterns of color - and great taste. The game features all of the elements of a koi pond, including several koi fish ready for catching, the lily plants that appear across the water, the frogs that jump on them and the turtles that sit on them, the dragonflies that buzz around the pond, and more. You also get the trappings of Japanese life, such as the folding fan and the rings of Japanese coins.  

The designs of the symbols are finely crafted, and the Japanese theme music playing in the background makes the theme complete. The effect is an engrossing playing experience that appeals to the senses as much as it appeals to a player's love of pokies. It balances the yin and yang beautifully, giving players an experience that is calm and exciting at the same time.

Aussie Pokies Bonus

With 25 pay lines, the action moves pretty quickly from spin to spin. But getting payouts from the regular spins is just the beginning. The best action takes place in the bonus rounds, which are launched when three scatters appear anywhere on the reels at the same time.

The stone lantern is the scatter symbol in Lucky Koi. It's such a powerful symbol in the game that players win a payout when three of them appear at once even if they do not form a pay line. When it happens, they also get to choose between a bonus of free spins or the Koi Bonus game.

If players choose the free spins option, they get anywhere between 10 and 20 free spins with a random multiplier, which can go as high as 5x. If they choose the Koi Bonus, they get to go fishing for koi, and each koi they catch has a bonus. The number of fish they get to catch depends on the number of scatters that appeared to launch the game.

Lucky Koi Aussie Pokies

Even with two different bonus games, there is still room for more special features. And naturally, Lucky Koi has a wild symbol that is able to replace any other symbol on the reels - other than a scatter symbol - to complete a pay line. And what symbol could be more appropriate to serve as a wild than the yellow koi itself, the most glamorous of all the different koi variations.

The yellow koi is also one of the most desirable symbols on the reels in its own right. If five of them appear in an activated pay line at the same time, they trigger the game's biggest bonus of all - a multiplier of 1,000x the original bet!

All of these elements combine to turn Lucky Koi online pokies into a fascinating and original Aussie pokies experience. The game amplifies the serene beauty of traditional Japan while giving players what they really want - plenty of chances for pay outs and bonuses. After a few spins, it's hard to avoid longing for a koi fish supper.