All Slots Promo - Halloween Sweepstakes

Halloween is here and so is the best promotion of them all! It is time to win multiple credits, to enjoy the best rewards, and to play all day and all night! Among the many benefits in this promo, you will definitely be able to find multipliers, tickets, and special prizes! At the end of every round, many gamers will be able to enjoy a shared prize of 25,000 credits which will be divided among them. In addition to that, great multipliers will also be granted to the players who stick around and play day in and day out, so be sure the earlier you join us – the more you can win! The best of all Aussie pokies contests is now open for gamblers, and all you have to do is join us!

When Is The Promotion Taking Place? Where Can I Play It?

All Slots Promo - Halloween Sweepstakes is combined of four consecutive rounds, each round takes up to a week.

The first round starts at October 6th 7:00 AM GMT, and ends up at October 10th 23:59 PM GMT. This is the shortest round at the promotion.

The second round takes place between October 11th 7:00 AM GMT and October 17th 23:59 PM GMT.

The third round starts a little earlier than the previous ones. This time, at October 18th, you will be able to start playing from 00:01 AM GMT. This round will end at October 24th, 23:59 PM GMT.

The fourth and last round will start just a few minutes after the third one is over: October 25th 00:01 AM GMT. It will be over at October 31st 23:59 PM GMT.

Luckily, there are a lot of great casinos hosting this promotion! First and foremost, you will be able to play and win Halloween Sweepstakes at All Slots Casino, which is known for hosting many great promos on an ongoing basis. In addition to that, you will also be able to play the promo at All Jackpots Casino, Wild Jack Casino, First Web Casino, and The VIP Lounge Casino! It is warmly suggested to check each of these casinos thoroughly as they offer much more than the promotion itself. You will probably find yourself intrigued by the wide offerings of games (such as the top rated Aussie pokies games) and welcome packages as well.

How Can I Start Playing The Promo and Win Big?

In order to start playing you must opt in and you can do so by using one of the following ways:

  • Click “earn tickets now” on one of the promotional emails of Halloween Sweepstakes.
  • Get into “My Offers” section at the casino.
  • Click “check my tickets” on the landing page of the promotion.

After you opt in you can start playing the promo and collect more and more loyalty points. The more loyalty points you collect, and the more days you play, the greater your potential prizes will get!

For every 50 loyalty points you win each week, you will be qualified for 1 entry point. Each entry point is also referred to as one ticket. Thus, 100 points will reward you with 2 tickets, 150 points will equal 3 tickets and so on. Moreover, by entering the casino every day you can greatly increase the number of tickets you will enjoy from at the end of the week! How? Easily! Once you play three days a week, a 2X multiplier will apply and double the number of tickets you won so far. Once you play five days a week, you are immediately benefited with the 3X multiplier which will apply for all the tickets you won by now. If you are a real pro, and you play each and every day during the week (7 days), you get the highest multiplier of the promo – 5X multiplier! Keep in mind that the higher your number of tickets gets, the higher your chances are to win big! The tickets’ count restarts at the end of every round.

What Can I Win?

No less than 25,000 credits will be shared among the happy gamblers of the casino. It has never been so easy to win free cash! 5 players will receive 1,000 credits each and 10 additional players will be able to enjoy 500 credits each. 25 of the participants will be notified they are rewarded with 100 credits each, and 50 gamblers will be rewarded with 50 credits each. 100 players will receive 25 credits each and 250 players will get to enjoy 10 credits each. Lastly, 1,000 gamblers will also be benefited, and each one of them will be rewarded with 5 credits each.

When and How Will I Know I Won?

The crediting day is always the day that follows the end of the round.

Therefore, the crediting day for the first round, which ends at October 10th, is October 11th. The notifications will be sent at 12:00 PM. The crediting time for the second round is Sunday, October 18th, at 12:00 PM. Third week’s winners will be notified for their great fortune on Sunday, October 25th, 12:00 PM. The last crediting day will be at November 1st, 12:00 PM sharp.

Winners will be notified for winning by email, text message (SMS) and a message within their casino software. Keep in mind that SEK players will get to enjoy 10X multipliers for their credits.

General Terms and Important Information

First and foremost, it is always suggested to check the Terms and Conditions webpage in order to be informed with all the relevant details about the promotions, games and specific terms relevant to different players.

In addition to that, it is important to keep in mind that bonus credits which are not played within 30 days from the day they are awarded will be expired and cannot be reclaimed.