Only You Can Save the Island in Big Kahuna

Modern video pokies tell a story.  They try to draw you into the story as it unfolds so you can feel as though you are a true participant.  This aspect of modern video pokies works even better when you play mobile pokies because you can let your imagination go and use the people around you as characters in the action!  Big Kahuna is a perfect example of an Aussie pokies game that tells a story.  As you loll about the island, you are suddenly thrust into a fateful crisis that you alone can end!  Would that the people around you knew how heroic you have become!

An Island Paradise Perfect for your Holiday

Big Kahuna takes place on a tropical island as you and your fellow vacationers revel in the lazy quiet of the island.  The islanders belong to an ancient culture.   The chief presides over island affairs and is the sole repository of much island lore.  Nowadays, the islanders make their living serving vacationers such as yourselves but they are also artists of high achievement, their signature artistic production being hand-carved wood masks.

Colourful and Succulent Symbols

Big Kahuna mobile game is one of the best Aussie mobile games.  Every spin of the five reels creates a whirl of color because the primary symbols in the regular game are tropical fruits rather than the more common numbers and royal symbols!  No matter where you are as you play Big Kahuna mobile game, you can get vicarious pleasure from the images whirling about the reels.

The Wild symbol is the Big Kahuna logo.  It replaces all other symbols except the grinning monkey.  Five Wild symbols carry an $8000 bonus which is multiplied by the wager on the winning line.  The grinning monkey is the Scatter.  It wins in all positions, unlike the regular symbols which win from left to right.  The volcano also makes an appearance but it has been dormant for generations so no one pays it much mind.  The beautiful carved mask gives an aesthetic air to what is otherwise a simple, sweet, holiday.  Rounding out the group of symbols in the regular game is a lizard.  It slithers about looking for odd pieces of fruit to take but is otherwise quite harmless.

Play Big Kahuna for Real Money to Experience True Bravery

You may decide to play Big Kahuna in practice mode.  But you know that the bonus rounds are where the most fun is when you play mobile pokies so you usually play pokies for real money.  We suggest playing Big Kahuna for real money because the two bonus rounds are packed with excitement.

When you usually play mobile pokies, you go to the bonus rounds when you get three or more Scatter symbols.   In Big Kahuna mobile game, you go to the bonus rounds when you get either three volcanoes or three masks. 

Volcano Bonus

You look up from your afternoon nap and notice that something has gone awry with the mountain.  It is expelling ash and steam.  A violent tropical thunderstorm rages at the summit.  As you prepare to ask one of the friendly islanders what the problem is, the chief comes along and commandeers you for a dangerous task!

The chief explains that the volcano is near to erupting.  According to island lore, only a worthy holiday seeker can make the proper choice that will mollify the volcano for many generations to come!  The chief says that you alone can save his people and their culture.

The volcano will be sated only if a brave vacationer sacrifices a fruit to it.  You have three fruits to choose from so choose wisely!  Finally, as the chief explains the urgency of the moment, you choose a single fruit and sacrifice it to the mountain.  The mountain is quieted!  The chief rejoices with you and gives you a cash reward that is determined by the fruit you sacrificed.

You return to your chaise longue at poolside and the happy islanders bring you a fresh supply of juicy fruits.  You indulge having developed quite an appetite saving an entire culture!  But you keep your eyes on the mountain at first not wanting to have to endure the pressure of such heroism again.  Then you suddenly realize that you would have mollified the volcano regardless of which fruit you had sacrificed.  Now you hope to return to the volcano bonus often!

Mask Bonus

When you get three masks you go straight to the mask bonus.  Here you see eight hand-carved masks each an exquisite example of the islanders manifest skill with wood and carving knife.  Behind five masks is a cash gift.  Behind three masks is the word “collect”.  You choose masks until you get a collect sign.

The islanders are well aware of your latent or proven heroism so, if you unluckily choose a collect mask with your first selection, they give you a nice consolation prize.

Big Kahuna is an Aussie Favourite

Big Kahuna is one of the beloved Aussie mobile games for a few reasons.  First, it’s a pokies classic and everyone knows how much Aussies love pokies.  Second, you can play it on mobile which means that you can experience the grand excitement of Big Kahuna whenever you have a few free minutes.  Third, the story takes place on a tropical island so the island is likely in the western Pacific Ocean, our neighbors!  Finally, the story is one of heroism and beauty commingled with an Aussie sense of adventure!