Starlight Kiss Mobile Pokies

If you are the romantic type, then you’ll love to be part of the Starlight Kiss Mobile Pokies game. This is a game that involves all things about love and romance and it makes you feel great as you play it. Even if you don’t have a love in your life right now, you’ll enjoy the look and feel of the game and the potential for love that it offers.

The Starlight Kiss Mobile Pokies game includes love notes, beautiful women with roses, chocolates, a man who is telling about his love and more. It’s a five reel, 30 payline and six hundred coin real money mobile pokies game that will sweep you off of your feet!

More Information about Aussie Pokies

As you start to play the Aussie pokies game, you’ll see that there is a wild symbol, scatter symbol, a free spins bonus game and even more. The Starlight Kiss logo symbol is an important one with the real money mobile pokies game. It’s wild. The scatter symbols are the Bonus Kiss symbol and the Scatter Mansion and this offers you double the fun since there are two scatters.

You’ll get to the bonus game when you have three bonus kisses on reels 2, 3 or 4. The other scatter which is the mansion will activate the free spins bonus game if you have three or more of those.

Bonus Fun

Now, with the Starlight Kiss mobile Aussie pokies game, the free spins bonus section is always fun. You’ll have 14 free spins (since Valentine’s Day is on the 14th) and all regular wins are doubled. The free spins can reactivate as well if you have three or more mansion symbols while you’re in the middle of the free spins section. Now, the set the mood bonus game is offered if you have three or more of the kiss symbols, as we said.

You can then win as much as a 10x multiplier. You’ll find objects here to see random bonuses. There are ten objects and you select three of them. However many hearts you get will then fill the heart meter and help to increase your bonus multiplier.

Great Reasons to Play

The graphics here are lovely and soothing and make you feel like falling in love. The game includes so many great ways to play and to win. You can win at the free spins game or at the other bonus round. You can win in the regular play game as well. There are just many ways to feel great as you play and to enjoy the experience here.

Now, of course you can start off the game in demo mode to get a feel for it, but we definitely recommend that you move to real money gaming if you want to really experience everything that the game can offer to you. There are so many ways to play and enjoy here.

There is so much to love with the Starlight Kiss Mobile Pokies and so many ways to love it. Have a blast with the game that keeps offers hope and love to everyone who needs it. You just might find yourself a winner with the Starlight Kiss mobile Aussie pokies game – and maybe you’ll be a winner in love in your real life too. Have a blast today as you play and see all of the many possibilities offered to you in this game of love.