Agent Jane Blonde Mobile Pokies – 10,000 Credits Can Be Yours within One Single Spin!

Blond, pretty and powerful… that’s what the symbols of Agent Jane Blonde Mobile Pokies are all about… in a fine Aussie mobile pokies which lets you enjoy no less than 15 FREE SPINS, a pink but threatening Scatter symbol, the ability to enjoy doubled wins with the unique Wild symbol and even the 3X multiplier which takes place during the FREE SPINS, there is no doubt at all you will be truly satisfied as you play the game!

Aussie pokies, at the end of the day, is constantly rated the top of the gambling games lists for a very good reason… if you, like many other players, want to go through a once – in – a – life – time experience and to feel the thrill as you never felt it before – this game is definitely the right one for you! Fight with or against our blond women, but make sure you end up as the winner!

I Saw the Symbol of Jane Blond! What Does It Do?

Our blond woman is the most powerful one of them all in this game, and as such, she also provides some very special benefits during the game! First of all, this Jane Blond symbol (which is also referred to as the Wild) can benefit you with up to 10,000 credits in one spin! In case you have 5 Wild symbols on your reels at one spin, this 10,000 prize will immediately be yours. Once you manage to win 4 Wild symbols at once a fine payout of 2,000 credits will immediately be granted to you and if you win 3 credits you can be sure 200 credits will be given to you on the spot.

Are you interested in 10 additional credits which can be gained with ease? That’s cool! Only two Wild symbols are required in order to make this work! Simply spin the reels and observe as the credits start to accumulate in your payline!

Jane Blind and the Super Powers!

Feel you can enjoy much more than that with such a beautiful woman? Well, you are definitely right! Jane Blond can benefit you with much bigger prizes than the already – impressive – payouts mentioned earlier. Once you thoroughly learn how to play mobile pokies you can easily manipulate the rules to your own favoure and start making the most out of them…

Wild is also referred to as the substituting symbol since it has the ability to function as if it was any other symbol on your reels (except the Scatter which we will get to know soon). By doing so, Wild can make two of a kind behave as three of a kind (it only needs to appear next to one of the symbols and then it is capable of functioning as the missing symbol). Not only will a three – of – a – kind payout will be generated right away, but also a 2X multiplier will be applied right away! Thus, every bunch of credits you win will be doubled right away thanks to the beautiful blond woman! Want to learn more about this benefit? It can also create four and five of a kind combinations for you and double the payouts received right away!

Time to Gamble!

It surely is! And not only gamble as you are used to, but also seize the most out of the multiple gambling features suggested to you! The Gamble button, which is offered almost exclusively at Jane Blond, will allow you to double or quadruple your future winnings in no time!

Additional gambling features offered over here are the BET MAX option which will let you, with a single press of a button, raise the upcoming deposit and to enjoy the greatest optional payout! Select Lines and Select Coins are also optional features which will let you better control your future deposits and so to dictate the game as you like. In addition to all these options suggested, you can always press the EXPERT mode and to be exposed to many amazing offers such as the Auto Play mode which will let you switch seats and start being an observer as the game is being played especially for you. Reels will spin and spin while you are doing virtually nothing, and credits will be won with great ease for you! On the one hand, you can have a full control on the method the Auto Spins will be played, and on the other hand you can always choose to stop the reels from spinning thanks to the amazing Stop button which is always kept available for you! Definitely, you are the one who dictates the rules over here!

Play For FREE

One of the most satisfying ways to dictate the rules of the game is by playing the FREE mode of the game, and you can do so with great ease at Agent Jane Blonde Mobile Pokies! Scatter symbol, which is as you probably remember the only symbol which can’t be replaced by the Wild symbol, is definitely your card at this game! Win 3, 4 or 5 Scatter symbols and start enjoying the 15 FREE SPINS right away! During each and every one of these FREE SPINS you will be required to deposit virtually NOTHING and yet you will be able to win more and more credits with great ease! Although you are allegedly playing in “FREE MODE” right now, be sure your upcoming payouts are 100% Real Money Credits which will be delivered to your payline right away!

Scatter’s Additional Benefits!

No, the FREE SPINS is definitely not the only benefit included in the Scatter’s pool of surprises… winning only two scatter symbols will let you enjoy 2 credits right away while winning 3 such symbols will reward you immediately with 5 credits on the spot. If you win 4 symbols of the praised Scatter you can immediately expect 20 credits to be on your way and be sure that 500 credits will be automatically granted to you as you win 5 Scatter symbols!

What are you waiting for? Start playing now!