The Quest at All Slots – New Monthly Promotion

As much as playing in some of the best Aussie pokies games can be fun, players often look for an extra component that will transform a regular gambling experience into something even more exciting. This is where monthly promotions come in, as they offer the player a chance to make extra cash while he takes part in some thrilling adventures.

November comes with the promise of a new breathtaking promo, as The Quest at All Slots is all a player can hope for. It allows the participant to take part in a unique experience that awards him with amazing and surprising awards along the way. If that’s not enough to make the player giddy with joy, he would be glad to hear that as the challenges and prizes are individual everyone wins, which means there are no bad sides to this promotion.

The Basic Information

The Quest monthly promotion begins on November 1st and runs through November 28th. During this period of time, 4 different rounds will take place, each of them lasting for exactly a week.

The promotion is available at all the best casinos in Australis, including the All Slots casino, Wild Jack casino, First Web casino, All Jackpots casino and the VIP Lounge casino. Members at these casinos get to opt-in to the promotion by clicking on any of the promotional marketing materials or by visiting the ‘My Offers’ section at their casino of choice. In order to collect his prizes every single week, the player must opt-in to each promo round separately.

Every week, the player is assigned with up to 2 goals that can be reached by collecting as many promotional points as possible. In order to achieve that, all the player has to do is keep playing in all his favourite casino games and accumulate loyalty points. Each loyalty point is counted as a promotional point, as long is it wasn’t awarded to the player while he was making the most out of some other promotion.

Additional Details

First of all, it is important to remember that the player can get only 2 prizes each week as he takes part in this monthly promotion. In order to do that, he has to collect a certain amount of coins. The amount changes from challenge to challenge, so the player must keep track of his progress by checking on his personal information at the Promotions’ webpage every once in a while.

Also, the prizes will be awarded to the player 15 minutes after his weekly goals are all accounted for, so there is no need to get unsettled if the award doesn’t appear right after the goals are reached. In any case, the casinos took it upon themselves to notify the players of their wins by sending them an email and a message at the casino software itself.

All in all, if the player takes all this information under consideration there is absolutely no reason that he won’t have a great time as he takes part in The Quest promotion at the All Slots casino.

In Conclusion

The Quest is a new exciting monthly promotion that awards the player with surprising prizes and crazy boosters, all while they face some unforgettable challenges. All they have to do is play their favourite pokies games and collect as many loyalty points as possible.

With the worthwhile prizes and the thrilling theme that adds a lot of spice and excitement to the players’ gambling experience, this promo can be easily described as one of the most enchanting and lucrative events of the season. At the end of the day, any casino player who is interested in making some quick cash would definitely enjoy taking part in this adventure.