Pharaoh's Treasure - at All Slots Promotion Details

The Pharaoh's Treasure - at All Slots is a very special promotion that has been added to the monthly promotions for the month of June. In this promotion everyone wins and everyone enjoys the benefits of the promotion.  It works very simply and efficiently and every player that plays one of the casino games at All Slots during the month of June is eligible to receive part of the $150000 of prizes and money that has been dedicated to the promotion. There are free spins to enjoy and there are bonus payouts or double points on featured games. No one can lose in the Pharaoh's Treasure - at All Slots at which each player receives a share of the $150000.

How to Use the Pharaoh's Treasure - at All Slots

The way the promotion runs is very simple and also a lot of fun to take part. There are eight different rounds to the promotion, each one lasting between three to four days. Within each round the player is able to unlock one; two or three treasure chests which when opened reveal one of the bonus prizes.  A player that plays at least 10 bets per game of between two and five games within a particular round receives one treasure chest. Players that play between six and ten unique games - pokies, or otherwise -  receive two treasure chests to unlock and players that play more than eleven games in the allotted time of a round, betting at least 10 times receive three treasure chests to unlock. The player must open his treasure chests during the time allotted for that particular round, a clock at the bottom of the bonus screen advises the player how much time he has left to open his treasure chests.

Claiming the Pharaoh’s Treasure - at All Slots Bonus Payouts

The treasure chests open to reveal one of three prizes. Each chest offers a definite win with a bonus payout for the player. The player either receives a choice of free spins on the Avalon slots game, the Terminator 2 slots game or the Golden Princess slots game. Players who have entered the completion through the mobile All Slots casino can only receive free spins on the Avalon game. If the player does not win a choice of the free spins he may win the bonus payout of between 2-100 coins or he could win double points on a featured game. The player must log in within seven days of receiving his bonus win to use it, whether it is free spins, cash payouts or double points.

One of the very special characteristics of this game is that everyone wins. The player gets to enjoy his regular choices of slots or other online casino games. He doesn’t need to do anything special in order to take part in the Pharaoh’s Treasure - at All Slots apart from open a treasure chest when presented with one and in addition the promotion renews itself 8 times with 8 different rounds running up until the 30th June. As with all of the All Slots promotions, there are certain terms and conditions that must be adhered to but these do not alter the magic of the promotion and the chance to win a portion of the $150000. The monthly promotions at All Slots are always changing and being updated with new and exciting ideas each month, this Pharaoh’s Treasure - at All Slots is one of the best monthly promotions seen yet giving players the opportunity where everyone wins and yet still playing their regular game choices.