Tomb Raider Mobile Pokies

Get ready to have a blast with the game that many of you already probably love. The Tomb Raider Mobile Pokies game has taken the gaming world by storm – and with good reason. This is a five reel, 15 payline game about our favorite heroine – Lara Croft. With the Aussie pokies game and the Lara theme, you’ll have a blast every time that you play and enjoy.

As the game opens, you’ll see Lara jumping, leaping and dashing across the screen in a movie. She is trying to get the bad guys and retrieve the treasures to their rightful place. Players have been playing and loving this game in online format for a long time - and so many of them were thrilled to hear that it's now coming to the mobile platform. It offers so many great ways to play and enjoy - and now you can do so on the go.

Starting Out

Now, with the Tomb Raider Mobile Pokies game there are two Lara symbols. There is a wild one which has Lara crouching down and there is another one where she is shooting a gun. There are, of course, many other awesome symbols with the mobile Aussie pokies bonus game. These symbols include an idol, a tiger, a tomb raider and a gadget.

The Tomb Raider symbol is a great one to get since you only need two to have a win. If you have even more then you’ll have even more payouts. With three of the Tomb Raiders, you’ll get 200 coins for every single coin that you bet on the payline. If you’ve got four of these symbols, you’ll get 2000 coins and if you find yourself with five it’s time to let out a yelp.

Because now, in the Tomb Raider Mobile Pokies game you’ll have 7500 coins for each coin that you bet.

Mobile Aussie Pokies Bonus

Now, along with the awesome regular game play, there is also a layer of bonus fun. The Tomb Raider symbol which is wild can step in for others, and the scatter symbol is Lara with the gun. If you’ve got two of the Lara symbol you’ll have a win and with three you’ll get into the Free Spins part of the game.

With this mobile Aussie pokies bonus section you’ll have great fun. There is also another bonus with the game if you have three or more idols. Then, you’ll get to another Aussie pokies bonus section where you’ll see 12 idols and they each have something hidden behind them. You pick idols and see what you’ve won.

Awesome Fun

Players around the world love Lara Croft. There is something very sexy and yet powerful about her. She has a real aura about her and she saves the day over and over again. Players love to see what she will do next.

And now, with the Tomb Raider Mobile Pokies, they can see what she’ll do while they are on the go. They can enjoy playing from any location where they find themselves and this can really offer them a lot of fun on the go.

The game has vivid graphics and great sound effects. It's filled with vibrant colors and excellent ways to enjoy. There is truly something for every player here and a great reason to get to the mobile device and have fun today.