Jacks or Better Aussie Mobile Game

The Jacks or Better video poker game is popular online and as one of the Aussie mobile games. The Jacks or Better mobile video poker game is one of the video poker games for your cell and tablet that is available all day and every day at the mobile casinos. This game along with many of the other Aussie mobile games can be played for fun and also for real money. Players that are not familiar with the Jacks or Better mobile video poker should definitely try it out for fun before placing real money bets. This allows the player to get to know all of the different options available in the game, learn how to use the touch and swipe controls and learn how to place bets and of course which hands to aim for in order to land the best winnings.

How to Play Jacks or Better

The game of Jacks or Better is very similar to the original 5 card draw poker game. Players are invited to place a single bet using one or more coins and according to the coin size that best suits their own personal budget. Once the player has placed his bet, the first cards are drawn. Five cards are presented to the player on the screen and he is invited to choose which cards he wants to keep and which ones to discard in order to land the best hand for the game.

The highest paying hand is a Royal Flush. The Royal Flush is made up of five cards of the same suit in sequence starting from Ace and including King, Queen Jack and a 10. This is the highest paying hand in the game of Jacks or Better mobile video poker. The next highest paying hand is the Straight Flush. This is a hand of five cards of the same suit in sequence but not including all of the royal cards. After the Straight Flush comes Four of a Kind, and then a Full House. A Full House is made up of three cards of one suit and two cards of another suit. The Flush is five cards all of the same suit but not in sequence. The Straight is five cards in sequence but of different suits and then comes Three of a Kind and finally Two Pairs followed by the namesake of the game Jacks or Better.

Easy Access and Playing Time for Jacks or Better

Playing Jacks or Better is simple and easy with no hidden tricks. This is a game of luck that can be played very quickly while on the move or relaxing at home. The video poker games for your cell are designed to be convenient and this they definitely are. The smaller screen of the cell phone or tablet does not detract in any way from the game and it is very clear to see the different cards presented to the player thanks to the excellent graphics offered in the game.

Whether playing Aussie mobile games for the first time or a seasoned player the Jacks or Better mobile video poker is a great game to enjoy on the mobile playing for fun and real money at all hours of the day and night and from anywhere thanks to the connectivity of the mobile casino. New players receive plenty of incentives when playing Aussie mobile games and the existing players also benefit from a wealth of promotions that enhance the video poker games and allow the player to enjoy the games for longer.